Something Old And Something New

This week has been “ranch camp” for our grandchildren, Ramsey and Graham. They look forward each year to coming to the ranch where they have far fewer restrictions and new outdoor activities. This year they rode and bathed horses, bought and practiced magic tricks, explored the ranches, caught insects, ate around a campfire, and swam. With the clearing of our new second ranch over the last year, interesting items have been revealed. In addition to finding prohibition glass whiskey bottles and a bone yard created by a mountain lion (spotted a couple of times) other interesting objects include arrowheads, spear points, and scrapers.  We  carried out a dig looking for additional artifacts. We were joined by Tom and Linda Norris’ grandchildren from Lubbock and Grand Rapids.

Ramsey and Sydney digging for arrowheads

Ramsey and Sydney digging for arrowheads

The dig lasted about as long as did the attention span of 6 to 13-year old children. We explored what we believe is an Indian mound. Indeed we found a few points and a lot of flint knappings. The area (the location of which shall remain hidden) looks promising for future digs.

As I watched the dig unfold, I was reminded how ancient were the points and spear heads perhaps going back hundreds if not thousands of years. These  artifacts stand in juxtaposition to our young and promising  grandchildren who dug, raked, and strained the dirt. Youth meets remnants of an ancient civilization.

As the old saying goes, God makes up for growing older by giving us grandchildren. What a joy they are to Trudy and me.

Points found at Hidden Falls Ranch

Points found at Hidden Falls Ranch


2 thoughts on “Something Old And Something New

  1. La Nelle July 1, 2013 at 4:42 pm Reply

    Great story of the gkids finds. What a blessing you guys are to them too.

    • tomhuttonmd July 1, 2013 at 4:53 pm Reply

      LaNelle, Thanks for following my blog. Also many thanks for helping Ann to better understand what all is involved in making space available for a private school on church property. I understand a decision was made to explore the situation further at the last Session meeting. Hope all goes well for you. Come see us! Tom

      J. Thomas Hutton MD PhD 751 Bryant Road Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 830-669-2944 blog:


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