Today Sent My Baby Into The Cruel World

As many of you know, I have written two books and have a book proposal placed with a literary agent in New York City. He is at present sending the book proposal to various publishers. The process seems endless.

Almost by happenstance I have had an interaction with a major university press. After reading the book proposal, the Director of the Press asked for the whole manuscript. Today I sent it off.

I have strange and mixed emotions: on the one hand I am pleased and flattered since this press also co-distributes with two other large university presses. This would be a comfortable place to publish although not as prestigious as a national publishing house. On the other hand, I am strangely uneasy sending the manuscript off. Is it ready? Will it be seen as marketable? Are medical stories able to have a wide enough appeal?

As a result I am feeling apprehensive yet hopeful. Time will tell. Will let you know how all this turns out. Hold a kind thought.


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